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20 April 2014 @ 07:19 am
SUNNIES: SIDE A. Chaptered but not for public eyes.
Summary: Summer is where colors shine the most.
A/N: Fictional…or not. And I’m basing from your majestic choice of color! The names, I mean. On which I am forced to name Nicole and Jessica with Tangerine and Lavender, respectively. Btw I named Nica as Cerise because of her Zodiac Sign citing.
A/N2: Not for outsiders but go on, read :)

It’s the vacation cue they’re waiting for and their long planned sleepover happened at Coral’s.

Tulip provided the movie and as everyone expected, it’s in Korean. “The movie’s Sunny, it’s about friendship, y’all. And it’s really good.” Fire tried hard not to roll her eyes on that.
“Seriously, and it’s so funny.” Cerise, who also had a watch of it, grins.

Then the flick started, everyone’s attentive, and from that moment on, it’s Sunny.


Everyone’s convinced that in Sunny, Fire is the leader. Then they laugh at the spontaneity that a casting entails everytime they finish a film together. Cerise is like the new recruit, Turquoise is the sharp-tongued, Tulip is the Miss Korea, Coral is the eyelash expert, and Tangerine is the aggressive one in glasses (because everyone based it on their hair and their glasses that matched).  There are 7 characters in the movie and they are 9 girls in total.

“The seventh character is the prettiest.” Turquoise and Lavender almost said in sync. “And the most badass.” Pastel finished.

“So, okay..” Plum started counting the un-charactered. “Wait, what?”

They dropped the topic before they all start arguing and the last, prettiest and badass, character was left untouched.


One afternoon their conversation led to Who’s Marrying Who. They started with Plum, who’s in a relationship.

“Hah. Of course, with Zian. Do we need say more?” Plum nudged at Tulip, who managed to say that statement while munching on her sliced apple, on which she was nearly choked, making the apple nearly exit on her nostrils. This saved Plum on the topic of men escapades because she’s too happy and free and legal, bonded in love with Zian.

Their attention turned to Tulip because she has planned his ideal type a long time ago, although some of their element keep on changing from time to time. But she’s pretty sure she will settle with an Asian man, because it’s a need to have a chinito kid, she said. College is when she felt her chinito preference has reached its boarder when she met a guy she thought passed all her standards.

Turquoise, on the other hand, prefers the western guys. It’s their beard and their stubble. Sometimes their accent, but mostly their eyes. But she’s in-the-process of learning Asian guys because all her friends are into Asian guys. If boys are based on music genre, it’s K-pop. Here is to which Fire claims she’s a music lover because of her perpetually changing music genres. She’s into Chinito and Western, both, and more. She is still picky and everyone agreed when she said everyone falls for that one funny guy.

Pastel and Cerise are pretty same on their preference. But the way everyone sees it, they’re more likely to marry the Japanese guy, fractioned or whole, the innocent looking ones. They’re currently after the cutesy and fashion, but sure they like the ones who mastered conversation starters because their initial reaction to people is their demure mode, aka the I’m-shy-i-don’t-talk-much mode.

Tangerine never detailed her ideal man, but it’s safe to assume she’s more likely to chase after that tall, chinito, and handsome guy because of her G-Dragon devotion. GD is petite and baby-faced, but she mentioned once that she’d like a tall version of him.

Basing from Coral’s past relationships, although she had always claimed a certain men preference, she’s the type to seek for the best company, the epitome of that one funny man. Lavender, as everyone agreed as if decided, will have to marry an athlete she cheered on in a game. A basketball player, to be specific.

They thought of an Alternate Universe, wherein maybe, they get what they really wanted. Tulip cracked, “In an alternate universe, maybe he’s rather dating me than currently married.”

“Maybe in an alternate universe, he is not in a relationship. And we’re not awkward.” Fire added.

“Maybe in an alternate universe..” Plum said, “we’re completely happy.”

Endless alternate universe theories ensued thereafter. 

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19 April 2014 @ 04:58 pm
HEAVY. Won/Kyu. Drabble. Fluff. Rated G.
Summary: They are my parents without the formalities.
A/N: It's also parent!Wonkyu and she!Kyu ;)

“Where did your mom go?”
“Went out.”
“Went where?”

Siwon grunted in frustration as he stormed back to their room.

All I was left to say was Woah and it didn’t take them a minute to dismiss each other. It was not my first time watching them two fight but today was quite a scene. Siwon was busy watching and Kyuhyun was mapping the floor. Siwon, earlier mad because his favorite football team lost, managed to scoop Kyuhyun off because Kyuhyun, being the chubby bloke as she is, was blocking Siwon’s view of the game. It went from Your freaking butt is ruining it all! to Can you just shut up, I’m trying to map quietly here!

Why do you pretend so clean?
What? Woah, sorry because you married a person with OCD! You are all messing in this house and I’m left—
Oh maybe we should move out! So you have nothing to clean!
Hey there, Holy Man! Do what you preach! What are you trying to teach to your child? Hah!
Can you STOP?
Can YOU stop?

I heard a lot. It’s a Sunday. Family day.

Siwon went down again because naturally, he is the worried party. “Did your mom bring the car keys?”

I looked over the table where I last seen the keys and it’s still there.
I told Siwon, “Nope.”

He looked at me in frustration. Maybe I can read his mind. He’s thinking where have Kyuhyun gone to.
“I’ll check the streets. You stay here, baby.”

I followed him to the car. “Hey, man!” I called out.
“You guys will be alright. She’s just somewhere, maybe cooling off. But she’s okay now to approach.”

Siwon mouthed Thanks and went inside the car. After he opened the engine he pulled the windows down. “There’s still lasagna leftover inside the ref. Heat it up. You know how the micro—“
“I do.”
“Alright, I’ll bring you something when we get home. And, little kid, use Mom and Dad sometimes, can you?”
“Yeah. Goodluck, Siwon.” I joked. “I mean, dad. Bring over mom tonight, okay?”

He assured me a smile.

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23 March 2014 @ 10:48 am
Constantly.  Se/Kai. G. 248 w.
A/N: A quick drabble from my stored plots. For Inah, to feed her love triangle fantasies hehe

To him, he’s like the fall.

Crispy leaves along the narrow road, fresh air coming somewhere east. Sehun’s just watching them pass him by. He never speak. He never resist. Because he likes all of it. If there’s one thing in the world he loves to lie about, it’s liking Kai. He doesn’t want anyone to guess nor know.

Yet just like the falling leaves, the fall hurts. It’s unwanted and inevitable. He has to fall to him like the leaves.

In a metaphor of emotions, he calls it the drowning stage. Drowning as if he can’t seem to breathe, and breathing will be his last, and breathing is not inhaling air but filling his lungs with water. Yet he said he choose drowning that being able to breath but not breathing at all. He calls it the coffin stage. He will not get that far, he says.

So he looks at him from afar.  He’s an educated man, and he knows that this method of loving is better than blatantly chasing the person over, shamelessly devoting himself to be his slave. He knows his position and his situation. He’s in love with a man who loves another human. A woman. It was a little late when he saw Kai’s phone ringing and it read 이나. That’s when he realize the need to stop.

So his conclusion is to still watch him from afar. He smiles. He calls this stage the acceptance stage with no metaphor.

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16 March 2014 @ 10:49 am
Bathophobia. Won/Kyu. Drabble. G. 233 words.
Summary: It is the fear of depth. Something Siwon knows.
A/N: For me to celebrate this momentous occasion that the semester's finally ending, I decided to write a bit. Listen to this, my prompt song.

I woke up to the silent bang of the door. Kyuhyun didn’t know I’ve been up this whole time. Maybe if he did, he will cook me breakfast before leaving. Or maybe he won’t.

Maybe if he saw me watching him as he get his clothes scattered on the floor, silently not to wake me up, and getting himself dressed, he’d get embarrassed and transfer to the bathroom. Maybe in this situation we’re no longer in the terms to see each other nude nor changing clothes.

He’s changing and he’s leaving, I thought.

Kyuhyun cheated on me with that purple-haired Hyukjae while Hyukjae’s cheating on him with that midget Donghae. I’m saying midget because I’m tall. Kyuhyun knows the situation and it hurts me when he told me he doesn’t care. It hurts me that he’s trying hard to drown himself in a sinking relationship. It’s just that I love him too much that I’d save him while it’s early and it won’t take me as far as diving.

“Siwon, I’m not coming back. Don’t talk dirty on Hyukjae like that.” He said it like he doesn’t care. He doesn’t want me involved in his new relationship. And just like that, we ended things up last night like we always end things when we know it’s not really ending.

I stare at the clock. Maybe I’m willing to wait. Or maybe I’m not.

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10 March 2014 @ 08:06 am
By Chance. EunHae. Drabble.
Hyukjae can get emotional. Donghae is not interested.

A/N: I’d hate to spoil it, but this is not a happy ending. I do not write happy endings. Sometimes when I’m in the mood I do but most of the time, I like it sad. This is inspired by my friends’ thesis regarding online dating. I just spilled the beans, didn’t I?


Input Username: iLove_Bada
Input Password: *******
Rank: Rookie

Why are you here?
I want to try this for the first time.
Who do you want to talk about?
User daebakMyeolchi
What is the user to you?
It’s complicated.
How long have you known each other?
I’m not sure about him but I knew him recently. I mean not very recent, but not too long either.
How did you start talking to each other?
When he welcomed me and told me my avatar looks cute
What is the longest memory you have of each other?
It’s when I changed my hair color to red and it turns out looking horrible and I don’t know what to do, then he sent some of his karma as a gift and I was able to change my hair back to black. It’s just so nice of him.
How close are you to the user?
Not very much. Just recently when he started private conversations then I felt obligated to reply. Since then I guess we became close.
Do you confide secrets with the user? Can you share one?
The secret I told him or the one he told me? (Choose one) Oh, that he’s interested in one of the people here but he won’t tell.
What do you like about the user?
He’s really nice. Whenever I talk to him somehow I feel self-centered. He’s more of a receiver and I like him for that. But he can get too clingy it’s starting to itch me a bit.
Something to tell the user? (Choose Reveal or stay Anonymous)
Reveal. Hello, Hyukjae. I’m really thankful for your kindness. You’re the best. We won’t be able to speak to each other ever again, I guess. But I’ve treasured this short friendship. Thanks a lot!
Would you like to meet the user in person?


Input Username: daebakMyeolchi
Input Password: ********
Rank: Queen Bee

Why are you here?
I just want a straight confession so I can finally breathe.
Who do you want to talk about?
User iLove_Bada
What is the user to you?
How long have you known each other?
Since he joined here that I started talking to him.
How did you start talking to each other?
I taught him the basic things here and how he can edit his profile, etc.
What is the longest memory you have of each other?
It’s when I welcomed him and he instantly replied. Didn’t take him long to respond.
How close are you to the user?
At first he was bland. But now we are sweet. I can’t believe we made it this close.
Do you confide secrets with the user? Can you share one?
I gave him a subtle blow that I like one of the users here. He just keeps on dismissing the point when I’m starting to give hints that it’s him.
What do you like about the user?
I see him as someone who would finally share the world with me. He’s nice and all to me. He only talks to me. I feel like even we’re really apart, he will be the one to agree to finally meet me. This can get really selfish but I want to finally meet someone and I can feel that it’s him.
Something to tell the user? (Choose Reveal or stay Anonymous)
Reveal. Donghae, I really want to see you. I want to know you more, I want to talk to you in person. I would like to spend my weekends with you, go to a park, share a strawberry milk shake, and watch movies at my place. I’d like to do such things with you. I understand you can get really grumpy but we’ll have the best combination. Please say yes.
Would you like to meet the user in person?

Letter from the Admin:

User daebakMyeolchi

                User iLove_Bada just deleted his/her account. Your letter of confession cannot be sent right now. Your letter will be saved on your drafts.

Letter from the Admin:

User daebakMyeolchi

                User iLove_Bada sent you a letter of confession. To read, please click the heart on the header. To send to trash, please click the trash icon on the header. If you wish to reply, please click the reply icon on the header. Thank you.


Your trash is permanently deleted. 

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04 February 2014 @ 01:51 pm
Displacement. Eun/Hae, Hyuk/Min. Angst. Drabble. Rated G.

Summary: The problem is simple: Donghae loves Hyukjae but Hyukjae does not love Donghae.
A/N: I might do a repost or another fanfic with a lighter note than this. A drabble for the love season :) I made it EunHae in celebration of their long-haired roles in their latest MV and seeing them again after months for dkfc2 is quite amusing enough to come up with something like this.

Why is he not in love with me?
I swear I could like any other guy. I could have. But Hyukjae’s just around my sight and he won’t take the time to notice. I could make him love me, only if I could but I won’t.

He texted last Saturday night. Have you seen Sungmin last night? He’s so hot.

I replied instantly, I knew you’d notice.

I cannot tell him because thinking about it, he’s too in love with Sungmin to drift himself off him and look at me. Would he look at me like what he does to Sungmin? I can sense this isn’t even a situation that if I come in the picture, I would change the plot in favor to me. Instead I’ll ruin a pretty fake friendship between us if I confess. So I choose not to confess. I’d rather get hurt. Pain is good.

He won’t talk to me when the topic’s not Sungmin. Sungmin used to like him back but he got tired that now it became a one-sided love. Hyukjae never gave Sungmin up. He’s too in love to do that.

He talks like, “I still like him, and I’ll never stop liking him.” And the more that it hurts him, all the more that it hurts me. That he’s hurt and it’s not me.

In a brighter round of things, I exclusively get to spend time with him but it’s as friendly as it can get. From time to time I would mistakenly give away feelings like, “Hey, your hair’s awesome today,” and “I heard this song in the cab and it reminded me of you,” to which you respond: “Wish Sungmin would tell me the same way.”

Pain. Depressing piece of reality. Coldness that never leaves. I’m in the mood again for another round of coffee.

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29 September 2013 @ 06:22 pm
Notes. Wonkyu. Angst. Drabble. Rated G.
A/N: Let me write sometimes part 2
A/N 2: Hi! I'm entering this contest and I need to have high number of retweets for this tweet (click here!). If you appreciate me or the fics or you're just being kind, please please help me win :) Thank you!

Did he just ask me to kiss him?

“C’mon! I miss you!” he said as he pushed his cheeks right on my face.

Right, cheeks kiss. Sometimes I really do not know how to keep up with Siwon anymore, and how his jokes really work, and when do I take them seriously.

“Really, Kyuhyun, you have to kiss me!”

He pushed himself to me while everyone else’s trying to hug me. “No Siwon, stop, I can’t-“

And when I said ‘stop,’ that was the time he actually went beside my face with his lips targeting my cheeks and after a mid-second moment, I felt his dry lips touch my left cheek. For a moment I didn’t hear any noise but the sound of his kiss.

And when our faces went apart, I looked at him, totally surprised. And he was grinning like drunk. To act normal, I know I must do something but can’t decide on anything: do I wipe the area where he kissed me or do I shout to him he’s disgusting?

I chose the latter. The former would just be too dramatic, and must be something I’d have to regret later.

Siwon walked out of the room and I think I know why.


I decided to say my sincere apology with a slice of microwaved pizza I bought downstairs. It’s school fair and it’s noisy, and there were a lot of microwaved foods available but maybe pizza would be pretty irresistible.

I made it smell a lot and I even pulled a joke of waving the pizza on his nose in case he’d laugh. He did. But when he looked at me and eventually knew I was the one holding it, he kind of slowly broke the laugh.

“Would you care for a slice of freshly heated Hawaiian pizza?”

“Did you bring any hot sauce?”

“No, I thought you don’t-“

“Great.” He grabbed the slice from my hand. “Thanks.”

The noise from downstairs and the noise coming from the studio, with Donghae and Eunhyuk trying to sing like singers, were too loud that I find it hard to talk with him without me looking funny and shouting at him. But he started to talk with his voice deeper than mine.

“What do you wanna talk about?”

“I didn’t mention talking about anything.”

“Yes you did, this pizza is telling me you want to talk to me. This pizza came from you.”

Yes I did. I wanna talk with him about a lot of things. Like how did his weekend go, how was he doing lately, did he ace his Biology quiz last week that he posted on twitter he was having a problem with, why did he actually kiss me earlier.

“Let’s say, maybe I just want to share silence with you.”

“I just wanna give you that pizza, that’s it!”

“It’s some sort of an apology, you know, I shouted at you rudely and all..”

When I finished my unfinished sentence, he had his last bite of the pizza before shrugging and standing up. And telling me, “It’s okay,” before leaving.

He’s mad, I concluded.

I stood up to follow and calling his name but he won’t stop. He went to this room where Donghae and Eunhyuk were, and closed it. He didn’t lock it but closing it clearly meant I should just stop following. And I heard from the microphone Eunhyuk asking a What’s Wrong. Now I felt even more unforgivable.


Have you ever offended someone you really like and he won’t even bother to talk to you or listen to your apology because, you have to admit it yourself, you were an asshole? But you didn’t mean that! But c’mon that was too shallow, wasn’t it? But maybe there was more to that kiss that made him mad at you and you just said he’s disgusting.

Yeah, total asshole.

In the real world, I couldn't talk about it to anyone but myself. I couldn't tell his friends I really appreciate the kiss but I just responded wrongly, due to stupid reflexes (????)

So I thought maybe I should just kiss him back. In the cheeks. On his left cheek. The plan: I wait until he’s alone, then I charge to him, then I sort-of jump to his cheek and mark my lips there.

And when he was alone, I charged, I sort-of jumped, and kissed him. But not in the cheeks. I forgot the possibility that he might turn his head and look at me.

All I said was a curse. And an immediate apology.

And he walked away for the second time that day.

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27 July 2013 @ 07:39 pm
In the Midst. WonKyu. Angst. Drabble. Rated G.
A/N: Let me write sometimes.

The problem is within me. I do not talk to anybody about it and it's just as hard as not being able to eat for three days. In other words, I get hurt by myself without knowing I hurt myself.

But now I know.

When I knew Ryeowook likes Kyuhyun, I do not feel bad about it. But the option of not telling Ryeowook that we like the same person, it just sucks me in. One day he'd tell me things on how he feel and most of the time I smile like I understand his feelings, when I really understand how he feels, and try to cover another emotion that I might unconsciously blurt out. Emotions that might be brought out whenever it hits me that Kyuhyun likes Ryeowook back.

But what I don't understand, the things between them happens before my eyes that I am beginning to think they are meant to be and not coincidental.

Once, Ryeowook gets his schedule and he gets to share a class with Kyuhyun. And the next day I was informed they get to partner in this research paper. But Ryeowook is shy and Kyuhyun never speaks up about it. And Kyuhyun talks to me so casually that although it feels good, on top of it, it feels very wrong. And I am wronged.

And one afternoon I thought maybe I'd let them be. If things happen for many reasons, or certain ones, so be it. It's quite stupid to blame destiny, if that's how things work, for my unfortunate situation that I can neither be a lover nor a third wheel. I would choose neither of the two anyway.

I smile naturally, again, to the both of them. And I am waiting for the day they officially announce they are dating, so I could be well-moved. But they didn't. They never will. Yet.


"Something happened!" Ryeowook squealed, passing by me as I was on that sidewalk, that day, alone, drying my umbrella because of the previous rain. I mouthed a Why but he didn't stop by and replied. I insist he text me and I'll proceed on going.

But he didn't have to text me. I thought maybe along the way he met Kyuhyun. And when I came out of the gate, Kyuhyun was there and my assumption was confirmed.

I was thinking the whole time how sad my situation was. And that maybe I don't have to look for ways to actually think of ways to torture myself more. I should stop.

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09 June 2013 @ 08:41 pm
hello, this is a repost
Réunir.  Won/Kyu. Non-AU. AfterSJ. PG-13 (as of now)
Summary: Kyuhyun went away for years to forget, Siwon wants him to remember

A/N: I still don't know how this would end up but there's a greater percentage of this falling as an angst, and a little warning that I'm no good at it. And lastly, I changed my title the last minute of publishing. It's the french translation of reunite. ;__________________; I have this done long long ago but ofc I am too smart to not finish anything I set as chaptered. fml.

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08 June 2013 @ 10:25 pm
Backseat. Won/Kyu. Oneshot. 65% fictional. Rated G.
[Siwon thinks he’s only meant to see Kyuhyun’s back view.]

A/N: Because sometimes I exist, sometimes I don’t.

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